Audio Books and Other Projects

Today I bought a bunch of new software that could potentially help me produce my novels as audio books. I’m super excited to start using this tool. I’m going to first try it out on my short stories to see just how much work it’s going to be on a bigger scale. It uses the tech of Google Wavelength and Amazon Polly . . . think Alexa.

I’ll review this product called VoiceBuddy once I’ve had enough time to do it. I’ll have a page for that instead of a post. I’m also taking too many courses all at once, trying to find the one that’s a good fit for me. I’ll review those as well. I’ll have some experience with three, newest being Mark Dawson’s SPF 101. Really excited to get into his course. I’m also enrolled in his Ads for Authors course. A little mind boggling at times if you’re not good at this sort of thing.

I took a course with Mark’s cover designer, Stuart Blache, which was a lot of fun. I suck at Photoshop, but if I stick with it, maybe I’ll finally get it. Who knows? I favor a program called RealDraw Pro 5 by Mediachance. I haven’t tapped a tenth of what the program does, but I can create my covers with it, and get decent results. I also use PaintShop Pro 2018. PSP 2019 stopped working for me a few months back. I’ll see about upgrading later on when they offer giant discounts for the holidays and end of year specials. I like picking up these great programs at such a hefty discount!

Also use PhotoScissors and InPaint which are great for getting rid of backgrounds and unwanted items in your photos.

Derek Murphy is another one of my go to people for help on things. I am enrolled in his Global Publishing course as well as some of his free or lower cost courses.

Then there’s Carla King’s Self Publishing Boot Camp. In her course, she has a module called Set up your Self Publishing Business. Which is what drew me to that course. 

Where do I find the time for all of this and write too? Well, it’s pretty much a What Shall I Work on Today sort of thing. Especially now that I have VideoBuddy. But if it works as well as advertised and reviewed, it’ll motivate me to finish more books and get them into ebook and audio books. Not sure I’ll ever get into print. But we’ll see. I’ll likely go through Draft2Digital’s new program for that. They’re so easy to work with whatever your book project is.

All right, then! Thanks for stopping by. See you soon!