My Semi Annual Update

I really meant to make this site a bit more special than it is. It’s been a rough winter, recuperating from a broken ankle, computer woes, and endless bouts of bronchitis and other ailments . . . which are still going on. Also, we’re in the middle of trying to buy a place and that’s had its hitches along the way.

Needless to say, some depression has set in and when I finally got my laptop fixed and WIFI to work, I’d lost a lot of the motivation I’d gained back over the last year. Projects are stalled. And I really need to get them done. Can’t get sales without the stories.

Well, actually, on the plus side, I’ve had a few sales this past month. Nothing earth shattering, but still, nice to see. Since I put my short stories permafree on Amazon last month, those have been doing quite well. The favorite still is Ride ‘Em Tough with Thanks to Eustace trailing along, but still getting enough attention to make me happy. It needs a better cover, although I have updated it with another nice scenery image,   I haven’t hit upon exactly what I should be doing for it. Probably should ask for some feedback and see where that takes me.

Maybe the free stories is why I finally got a couple of sales for the novels. It’s what I’ve been hoping for all along.

I have a couple side projects I need to finish, then I’m going to get back to Stormi’s story so I can finally bundle the three together; Thomi, Joleigh, and Stormi. I do want to write Rikki’s and Halleigh’s stories as well, and one for Nick and Anetra that will include that of Stephan’s parents, Greggory and Irina. Oh, and one for a friend who asked to have one written for her. She’ll be a candidate for one of the twins, likely Tristen, but we’ll see.

I also changed the title of Thomi’s story back to what I had it some time ago with modifications. That will be for another post.

Hope you’re enjoying good weather where you are! And for those of you who aren’t, especially in those areas of storms and tornadoes, my thoughts and prayers are with you! May you have a speedy recovery!