Welcome to My New Author Site

Hello, Friends, Family, and Readers!

Welcome to my new author site, NeenahDavisWilson.com!

I’m working hard at getting this site defined and up. Some of you may know that I have another site called Novels By Neenah, where I have my books up for sale, sample chapters, videos, and other stuff. I’m going to do more bookish stuff there, and focus on me the writer here.

I am still working out the details of all this, so you might see changes in the look of the place. I’ve changed the look of Novels as this site mirrored it to some extent. I’m still not quite happy with either, but that’s how it is. Tweaking is ongoing always!

With this place, I will feature more personal stuff along with the writerly stuff, guest articles, muses, videos, and links to my favorite places and interesting authors, resources, etc.

Making this post short so I can get on with the rest of the customizing and get those new pages up!

I hope to make both places as successful as my first site was back in the nineties. Wish I had not abandoned that one!

Hope to see you here often!