What should I do with this site?

I could do a lot of things with this site. But will I? I have been struggling just to get up and fake being in the world everyday. And this post is just a musing on the subject. I’ve no doubt said something similar in other posts. Bear with me. I’m trying to rekindle my former passion.

I need to get back to writing my stories. Stories that should have been written years ago, but Life robbed me of my motivation. I went from being so passionate about writing that it was all I wanted to do or thought of doing, to producing little to nothing in the way of words. Coming into my little office, checking email, doing a little research -usually for someone else- and going off again. Recently, since we’ve moved, I’ve had more motivation for cleaning house than for creating stories.

Yet, I still have so many worlds and people in my head wanting to get out. Wanting other people to be introduced to them. Okay, not fantasy or sci fi kind of worlds, but, you know, worlds or lives of everyday people. I feel as though there are tons of writers out there that are into the fantasy worlds. What could I do differently? Maybe if I actually thought about it, I could think of something. But, really, I’m happy just to write about present day people and their issues. Maybe because I feel I’ve had enough experiences in a life of 69 years to have plenty to write about! So, today that’s what this post is about. Boosting my confidence and motivation to get back into it and creating those worlds. If you’re a writer, you’ve likely hit those walls at one point or other. If we don’t give up, we eventually find our voice again and go on.

If you’re new at the game, you might be wondering how to start. Just jump in. Don’t focus on the mechanics like grammar and such. Save that for the editing. Unless, of course, you’re like me and can’t help yourself and must do it as you go. Still, just focus on the story. I’ll expand on this on another post.

I have another site that’s sort of an older sister to this one. NovelsByNeenah.com which is all about the stories I’ve written so far. Not as many as there should have been by now, as I say. The focus there is more about the books themselves, complete with a section for the characters in them. The third book is in the first draft. Stalled because it took directions I hadn’t intended it to, and now I can’t decide whether to go on as it is, or go back and follow the original path. Both have possibilities. Decisions, decisions . . .! I’ve wondered whether I ought to combine the two into one . . . but which one?

So, as I’ve rambled on in this post, I’ve decided to focus here on musing on the writing life, WIP reports, some every day life news including recipes, publishing insights, especially independent publishing as it’s what I do, find resources that might be of interest to other writers, review courses I’ve taken, books I’ve read, and other things of the sort. Who knows? It might even inspire an aspiring writer to keep on keeping on! And the two sites won’t be mirrors of each other.

Thanks for stopping by and visit again soon!